An Update to Sleep

A couple weeks ago, I discussed my terrible sleep patterns.  The patterns were made by an app on my iPhone and they looked like this:


A good sleep pattern looks something like this:


This is not my sleep graph.  This is the sleep graph of my boss, who has the same app, and consistently makes me angry with all of his beautiful deep sleep.  Since he’s my boss though, I try not to let my anger show. 

Anyway, the first sleep cycle is a week before Junior decided to kick the hell out of the amniotic sac, rupture it, and come into this world two weeks early.  Now, my entire definition of a good sleep has changed.  Junior, thank to a bout of jaundice, had to go on a strict eating schedule.  It seems like each night there has been a different challenge or something going on.  Either way though, he has to eat every three hours.

I had always heard of people saying that sleep with a newborn wasn’t any good.  I just don’t think I ever understood that until now.  Here’s the deal, I get amazing sleep when I am actually sleeping.  However, that sleep is automatically interrupted every three hours.  Then you have to get everything ready for baby… feeding, changing diapers, settling him down that it can take awhile before you get back to sleep.

While the sleep isn’t as nice, I must say I think it’s been better sleep than those final weeks of pregnancy.  Unfortunately, it’s just not as much sleep.  Therefore, we have to ask ourselves which I’d prefer… I’ll get back to you with the answer, because I have no freaking clue.