365 Days of Baby

Babies go through some amazing changes in their first couple years of life.  I ran across a friend’s blog the other day and she’s doing something that I think is really cool.  Every day, she’s taking a picture to document her baby, Georgia’s, life.  She started January 1 and will be going all the way through the end of the year. 

Check it out!
It got me to thinking about doing something similar for Junior.  When we were kids, my Dad would draw lines on the side of a wall showing our growth.  Those lines are still on that wall.  My wife’s family also did similar things.  Well, it’s 2010, so maybe we should update that in a way.  I really want to take a picture to document the growth.  Not quite sure if I would be able to take a picture every single day, but it would be cool to take one each week for the first 6 months.  Each month for the next 18 months.  Then every 6 months for the next few years.  It would be an amazing timeline of your child’s growth. 


Haley said...

I've had the idea of doing that for years! I think before I could actually procreate, I was planning on taking a 'year one photo journal' of the kiddo. Stu doesn't know this yet, but I will be photo crazy of any bebes that we produce :)

March 3, 2010 at 7:39 PM