The Final Fatherhoody…

Well, you may or may not have noticed the lack of posts around here.  It’s the death-knell for a blogger to take a week off, because then you realize just how much extra time you have… or how much time you don’t have but still blogged….

Anyway, this is a farewell of sorts.  Not completely, not entirely, but this is a farewell to this blog.  It was therapeutic to write in it for the months I did, especially in the first really difficult weeks of Junior’s life.  As my days filled up and the wife went back to work, the amount of free time dwindled though.  Therefore, this is the final post of Fatherhoody… and the blog will join the millions of blogs that just stop one day.

The good news is that I’ll be working with my wife to continue to provide updates into our crazy lives on the blog she’s maintained for such a long time.  For those readers still around, please check out:

I’ll be posting there now, just the duty will be split between the wife and I.  The posts might not come every day, but we’ll try and keep the consistency.

Thanks to everyone that read!  Please head over to Considering and stay tuned!